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Back Squat and Progressions

On Beth's last back squat cycle, we took her percentages along with a back squat wave progression to build up her strength and consistency in her lifts!! 💥

We built in weight week to week and used wave cycles with a few variations of 🌊7 - 5 - 3, 🌊5 - 3 - 1, and 🌊3 - 2 - 1. Nice work on this cycle, Beth!

Progressions adjust training loads and intensity based on individual needs and recovery. ➕➖ By utilizing these in our programming, it builds long-term progress and sustainability along with reducing risk of injury and overtraining. 👏🏼 (And shocker 😲: we don't only do this with strength cycles 😉)

The principle of progression is the idea that as your body adapts to your exercise routine 🏃🏼‍♂️, you have to change the intensity to continue to see enhanced fitness. 📈 This can mean gradually increasing the weight 💪🏼, duration ⏱️, or rep scheme 🥵 of your training in order to see growth.

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