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Our Clients Say

I’ve been using Troy’s personal coaching services for over a year and it feels like I brought my in person CrossFit gym to my home gym. He provides personalized programming specific to the athlete and develops progressive programming that has proven performance and physical differences. Troy is a CrossFit champion, very detail oriented, and I could not recommend him enough. See the 1 year progress photo!

- Sara, 2023

Our Services

Relentless will. Driven spirit. Humble nature.

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The CrossFit methodology and gyms across the world have had a lot of success with changing lives and revolutionizing the fitness industry. CrossFit workouts are high-intensity sessions of functional movements, designed to improve your physical fitness through varied and challenging routines. We offer a variety of services including affiliate or individual-based programming. Generic programming only works for so long before you can no longer accept average results. 

At Fit 4 Desire, we take your health and wellbeing personally and will constantly strive to improve you, both mentally and physically by developing our clients as people first and athletes second. 

With world class coaching and strategically integrated programming, your goals will be within reach in no time! At Fit 4 Desire, we will coach you from the ground up and there is a place for everyone at all experience levels. With injury prevention at the forefront of our programming, we program for strength and agility, conditioning, and overall fitness. The room for improvement is endless and we understand that your health and well-being is the most important thing for you and your family.

Whether your goals are to simply make you faster, stronger, or prepare for the CrossFit Games Open or the CrossFit Games, we offer a variety of services – check out more info below!

What We


Personalized Individual CrossFit Programming

Receive workouts tailored to your physical skill level, equipment you have access to, and based on your time duration available! We offer personalized programming to meet your goals, with injury prevention at the forefront of our programming. Your personalized experience will include accessory work, strength training, and conditioning based on CrossFit's methodology. Workouts are delivered virtually via TrueCoach for tracking progress and PRs along the way! Video analysis may be used to evaluate and give feedback on form throughout. You will be able to enjoy remote coaching, full access to a coach, and a personalized program to challenge your individual needs.


Nutrition Coaching

Our nutrition coaching is tailored to your individual goals which includes calculating your macros, assisting in determining meal timing, and weekly accountability calls, with an element of mentorship.


Coaching Development

Set yourself or your coaches up with our coach’s development program designed to build coaches to become better coaches! We utilize the coaching foundations from the CF-L1, and the standards of coaching excellence outlined in the CF-L2 to improve the coach’s demonstration, teaching, seeing, correcting, group management, presence, and attitude in 1-hour weekly video calls. 


CrossFit Competition Programming

CrossFit competitions are a great way to test athletes and find the fittest individual or team, as well as encourage a level of healthy rivalry and build community. We offer competition programming for: Individuals, Teams of 2 (same sex or co-ed), or Teams of 4 (same sex or co-ed) tailored to your equipment inventory. Our standard tiers include: Rx, Scaled, and Masters. Options can include 1-2 day competition with a spread of 4-6 events. A full day outline will be included with event and heat timing. Let’s get your community moving to find the fittest individual or teams in the gym – and have a little fun along the way!


CrossFit Affiliate Programming

We deliver strength and conditioning programming (partnered with some accessory work) based on CrossFit's methodology for affiliates. This programming is customized to your group class setting based on equipment available, weather forecasting, and class sizes. 
Coach's notes are included with a timetable breakdow
n of the daily warm up, strength work, and conditioning for group class. Workouts are delivered via email, coupled with a 15-minute weekly meeting available to owners to sync on the upcoming week of programming and previous week's implementation.


Olympic Weightlifting

This technique-focused programming offers corrective movement accessory work and video analysis for form correction.
* Coach will travel for national USAW events.


Aerobic Capacity Training

Our personalized aerobic capacity training programming begins with determining your baselines and improving your threshold over a series of weeks with interval work. Video analysis may be used to best provide feedback on form.

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