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Strict Pull-up Programming

Our biggest focus for our athletes is consistency!! ⏱️ Let's take a look at improving your pull ups. Let's be honest. A pull-up is a movement many of us are chasing! 🤩 @sara.jardine79 could hit a strict pull-up but she wanted more (and so did her Coach @kopptroy )!

🔥 Here's an example of her week 1:🔥

Strict Pull-up Programming:

1 Strict Pull-up w/ 10 sec chin over bar hold

-- rest 1:30 mins -- x 6

This progressed over the course of many weeks! 💪🏻 As the programming is tailored specifically to Sara, we could pivot or adjust course as needed from week to week.

After programming a pull up strength cycle, we test the work we have been practicing for unbroken sets. 🥵 This allows us to compare it to previous tests and see the progress we have made! ✅

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