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Shoulder Strength Building for Shoulder Issues

Dave has been one of our athletes for a few years now. 🗓️ He came to us looking for at-home workouts, accountability, and the push he needed to continue his fitness journey! 🏋🏼‍♂️ He has impressed us with his dedication and consistency but when he started, he had issues with his shoulder (among others), specifically in a straight bar bench press. He's come a long way in the last two years. Here are some exercises we worked on to make the shoulders stronger and healthier!! 💪🏼

Shoulder Strength Building for Shoulder Issues

1️⃣ Earthquake Bar exercises

2️⃣ Crossover Symmetry exercises

3️⃣ Banded DB/KB pressing exercises

4️⃣ Strict Press and Bench Press work

5️⃣ Proper Rhomboid/Teres/Lat muscle engagement

6️⃣ Mobility exercises for the posterior shoulder

If you're like Dave, looking for someone to give you the extra support to push your drive even further in your fitness journey, take a look at what Dave has said about his experience on our Google reviews, we'll post it another day since we're out of room on this post! 😉

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