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Let's expand on the seasons of life

Let's expand on the seasons of life - whether its good or bad, it's a season of your life! ❄️🌱☀️🍁 G. Michael Hopf had the notion that good times make weak people, weak people make bad times, bad times make strong people, and strong people make good times.

I've spent the last 3.5yrs and thousands of dollars trying to find an answer for my knee pain and doing all of the holistic approaches to fix the issue that you could possibly think of.

After qualifying for the 2020 and not being able to compete due to covid, I started having severe knee pain while doing anything and everything you could possibly think of, including an air squat. After doing the @kneesovertoesguy Knee Ability Pro rehab program @athletictruthgroup for the last three months, I've started being able to lunge with little to no pain and I've hit a huge pr today with a 375# Front Squat!

So, as noted above, life comes in seasons. Here's to staying the path 🛣️, fighting the good fight 🙏🏻, and changing the world 🌍.

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