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Scaling - Vary by Degree, Not Kind

👀 Don't get lost in the sauce. 👀

CrossFit Programming - it's explicitly explained in the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Handbook that programming for brand new day 1 CrossFitters versus multi-year Games level athletes VARIES BY DEGREE, NOT KIND. 🤯

Use a Freestanding Handstand Hold as an example.

Day 1 may look like a Dual KB or DB Overhead Hold. This could be for a high schooler whose never stepped foot inside a gym before or your 90yr old grandma who is trying to maintain muscle mass.🏋️

Maybe you've been at this for awhile and you have the ability to go upside down and hold.💪 Increasing the ability to hold yourself upside down for extended durations of time means you're getting stronger! Congrats! 📣

This can transfer to a more elite level of doing a Freestanding Handstand Hold. 🤸🏻‍♂️

All 3 movements accomplish the same thing. Increased shoulder and core strength! So remember, PROGRAMMING VARIES BY DEGREE, NOT KIND.

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