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Our motto is Forward Focused Programming

Our motto is Forward Focused Programming.

1. Forward - if you're always reminiscing in the past, you'll miss the great things right in front of you. So we chose to focus on moving the needle forwards and what we need to work on next so you can help you hit your goals as fast as possible.

2. Focused - there needs to be a rhyme and reason behind everything you do versus giving you random exercises to fill up your day. If the programming is random, so are your results (or lack there of). Everything we program has a purpose.

3. Programming - constantly varied, functional fitness, that's executed at high intensity aka CrossFit. You get the results because we don't do the same stuff from week to week. We also retest workouts to make sure the programming is working and if we don't like the results from that, we pivot.

Here's @kopptroy hitting a 280# Snatch (5# PR) after months of dialing in some technique specific work and more overhead squat strength work.

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