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Generic programming only works for so long before you can no longer accept average results. At Fit 4 Desire, we will coach you from the ground up and there is a place for everyone of all experience levels.  With injury prevention at the forefront of our programming, we program for strength and agility, conditioning, and overall fitness. The room for improvement is endless and we understand that your health and well-being is the most important thing for you and your family.

At Fit 4 Desire, your coach will challenge you both physically and mentally as we understand that nothing "good" comes easy. We have all of our athletes perform a movement evaluation before getting started to assess how well your body functions. You will be able to enjoy remote coaching, full access to a coach, and a personalized program to challenge your individual needs.


We also offer strength biased and cardio biased programming to simply make you stronger and/or to help prepare you for the CrossFit Games Open, Quarter Finals, and the CrossFit Games.

Programming Options

  • CrossFit

  • Olympic Weightlifting

  • Strength Biased

  • Cardio Biased

"I want to inspire, motivate, and guide others to achieving their lifelong goals and dreams. I want to show others that just because somebody told you no, and somebody didn't believe in you, that anything is possible."        

- Troy Kopp

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